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A Brief History of 

Christians in Action Church

 “ChristiansinAction”cametoBritainin1965,broughtbyaconvertedMarine,ElginTaylorbyname,whohadpreviouslyseenMissionaryServiceinJapan. AccompaniedbyhiswifeDorothyandtheirchildren,hebeganlifehereinaBrixtonone-roombedsittermadeavailablebyaChristianladywhoseownfaithfulnessintheserviceoftheLordhasbeenameansofblessingtomany.Elginwasthepastorofthechurchuntil1979TolearnmoreabouttheTaylor’sremarkablestory,havealookattheirinterviewonourwebsite.
1968–ItwasinanoldbuildinginAddiscombecalledClydeHallthatthechurchfounditsfirstplacetoworshipandwhereChristiansinActionchurchwasofficiallyopened. Itwascold,dark,andinneedofagoodclean-upeachSundaymorning,butourpeoplebroughtlifetotheplaceeachweekwithvibrantworshipandtheministryoftheword.
1970–Aformerdoctor’ssurgerywaspurchasedat67MelfortRoad,whichbecamethecentreofourevangelismandmissionarytraining. FromthislocationworkershavebeensenttoN.Ireland,France,Germany,Spain,Italy,IndiaandSierraLeoneItiscurrentlythehomeofourofficesandhubofvariousministriesandcontinuestoprovidetemporaryaccommodationforChristianworkersbothhomeandabroad.
1979–ThiswastheyearthatChristiansinActionwasfinallyabletopurchaseitsownchurchbuildinginAddiscombe. Sadly,itwasalsotheverysameyearthatourfoundersElginandDorothyTaylorwereledofGodtoreturntotheUnitedStatestotakeupanewchallenge. ElginbecamefirstAfrican-AmericanleaderofamissionsocietyasheeventuallytookontheroleofPresidentofChristiansinActionMissionsInternationalinCalifornia.
1991–WaswhenFreddieRobersonbecamepastorofthechurchHeandhiswifeWandawereraisedinsouthernCaliforniaandcametoserveinLondonin1980aftertrainingatChristiansinAction’sbiblecollege,locatedtheninLongBeachCalifornia.HeservedinthechurchandintheCinABibleCollegeinThorntonHeathbeforebecomingtheseniorpastor. Hisleadershipcontinuestothepresentday.
2009–ChristiansinActionchurchwelcomesTrueVineChurchtoshareitspremises. Thisisanamazingactofunityandcausesbothchurchestoprogresssignificantly.

“Christians in Action” came to Britain in 1965, brought by a converted Marine, Elgin Taylor by name, who had previously seen Missionary Service in Japan. 

Accompanied by his wife Dorothy and their children, he began life here in a Brixton one-room bed sitter made available by a Christian lady whose own faithfulness in the service of the Lord has been a means of blessing to many. 

Elgin was the pastor of the church until 1979. To learn more about the Taylor’s remarkable story, have a look at their interview on our website.

Significant dates:

1968 – It was in an old building in Addiscombe called Clyde Hall that the church found its first place to worship and where Christians in Action church was officially opened. It was cold, dark, and in need of a good clean-up each Sunday morning, but our people brought life to the place each week with vibrant worship and the ministry of the word.

1970 – A former doctor’s surgery was purchased at 67 Melfort Road, which became the centre of our evangelism and missionary training. From this location workers have been sent to N. Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and Sierra Leone. It is currently the home of our offices and hub of various ministries and continues to provide temporary accommodation for Christian workers both home and abroad.

1979 – This was the year that Christians in Action was finally able to purchase its own church building in Addiscombe. Sadly, it was also the very same year that our founders Elgin and Dorothy Taylor were led of God to return to the United States to take up a new challenge. Elgin became first African-American leader of a mission society as he eventually took on the role of President of Christians in Action Missions International in California.

1980 – This was the beginning of period of leadership transition. The church and mission were led by Pastors Tom Hodges, Dale Simpson and Les Leeder.
1986 – Freddie Roberson became the UK Director of Christians in Action UK and was responsible for the overall direction of the ministry.
1991 – Was when Freddie Roberson became pastor of the church. He and his wife Wanda were raised in southern California and came to serve in London in 1980 after training at Christians in Action’s bible college, located then in Long Beach California. He served in the church and in the C in A Bible College in Thornton Heath before becoming the senior pastor. His leadership continues to the present day.

2005 – Christians is Action UK celebrated its 40th anniversary and began to experience accelerated growth in the church ministry. That year 13 were baptised and three new elders (Matthew David, Roger Sancho and Tex Trim) were commissioned. 

2009 – Christians in Action church welcomes True Vine Church to share its premises. This is an amazing act of unity and causes both churches to progress significantly.

2010 – Freddie Roberson made his first trip to Pakistan and continued to India as the vision for missions continues.

To learn more of the history of Christians in Action, go to the “about us” tab on the website and view the interviews of Les Leeder and Lauren Rowe, men who made key contributions to the growth and development of the ministry of Christians in Action.