Christians In Action UK
Today Christians in Action runs a very successful senior mens basketball team that has competed at local & national levels for many years.  The main squad runs at 15+ members whilst casual playing members takes the figure much higher.

The main aim of the team is to offer a relevant, safe and exciting outlet for young men that is a real alternative to the growing ‘street culture’. The mentoring opportunities that have come through this have been extraordinary and have benefited the church the members and the community as a whole.

It is against this backdrop that Christians in Action are now putting plans in place to develop a junior basketball structure. This will allow the influence and support of the coaching mentors to be delivered at exactly the time the children and parents will need it most.
Building upon our successful senior basketball scheme plans are being made to extend our out-reach basketball work by forming four youth basketball teams.

U16 Boys    U16 Girls
U12 Boys    U12 Girls

It is hoped that each of these teams will compete locally with a long term aim of building squads capable of moving up to the National Leagues.

As always these plans are based upon our ability to pay for the basics –

  • Training Courts
  • Game Nights
  • Officials
  • League Fees
  • Kit
  • Travel

We estimate on-going annual costs in excess of £20,000. Naturally part of that cost will be recouped from the players but it is our ambition to bring organised sport to the most disadvantaged areas of London and as such we aim to become fully funded before we start.

To this end we have established the ‘Our Suppliers’ project which offers business, that are known to us or our community, to have an advertising page on our website.  By purchasing advertising space on our website business people will be benefiting their business, helping to fund our website and supporting our Youth Sports Programme.
Supplier Adverts costs from £197 - £250 and we hope to encourage a large number of local businesses to support us.