Christians In Action UK



Ray Djan (Chairman)

Ray is the General Director, pioneer and leader of True Vine International, a resource ministry based in London, UK. Under his leadership True Vine work in partnership with many other church leaders, ministries and community development projects around the world in countries such as Germany, Poland, France, Ukraine, Israel, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, India, Philippines, Australia and the USA. Ray Djan is also the senior minister of True Vine Church and together with his wife Susie founded True Vine Church Trust. Ray and Susie have 4 Children.

Andy Paget

Andy is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Tabernacle Church in Bristol and has ministered among his own congregation and within the wider Christian community of Bristol for many years. He is the senior police Chaplains to Avon and Somerset Police and has recruited 20 new chaplains, which are under his oversight. He is also the Vice President of IGO, which is a worldwide fellowship of ministers, Christian workers and Intercessors. Andy also has extensive influence and connections among both Jewish and Palestinian Christians in Israel. Andy is married to his wife Gay and has two children.

Les Isaac

He is currently the CEO of a Christian charity called Ascension Trust, which he formed in 1993. His mission is to train and develop individuals to serve the local community, city, nation and nations of the world.  He is the founder of an innovative project called the ‘Street Pastors Initiative’, which provides a late night outreach service in high crime areas to tackle the issue of guns, knives and violent crimes on the streets of Britain. Les has been a minister in Lambeth for over 30 years and he also serves as the Chair of the Convenor of Ecumenical Lambeth Borough Deans.  He is also an Associate Senior Minister of Christian Life Fellowship (CLF), a lively church in Greenwich and serves as an oversight Elder in CLF International. Les is married to Louise, a school teacher, with whom he has two children, Jake and Lara.

Loren Rowe


Affectionately known as “Brother Rowe”, he trained as an evangelist in a bible college in the USA and then proceeded to plant several churches in both Jamaica and in the UK. This was during the “Wind Rush” era when blacks found it difficult to be accepted in the UK. In 1965 he met Elgin Taylor and became one of the founding members of Christians in Action UK. He worked for many years to develop a thriving Sunday school ministry and serves to this day as an elder in the Addiscombe church. For many years he has provided wisdom and leadership to this ministry.

Our trustees serve not just the ministry of the church, but also the overall ministry of Christians in Action UK.  Christians in Action UK handles the finances for missionaries and ministries in Sierra Leone, North and South India, Macau and Pakistan.  Our office is the Area headquarters for these countries and hosts our European area conferences bi-annually.


Our trustees have three main responsibilities:


Financial Accountability – they keep an eye on us as an organization and make sure that we handle our finances properly. They also advise us and help us to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in charity laws and help us to make any major financial decisions (such as major purchases, property, etc.)


Organizational Accountability – they help to make sure that we stay on course. In other words, they ensure that we keep to the purposes and directives of our constitution and often ask the hard questions that are necessary for our development and growth.


Godly Counsel – We read in Proverbs 11:14 – “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Our trustees are Godly people with ministry experience and a track record of wisdom and discernment. We are privileged to have them!