Christians In Action UK

"We would like to see many lives changed as a result of running Alpha at our church centre..."

23rd January 2013 to the 27th March 2013.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in an atmosphere which is relaxed, non-threatening, low key, friendly and fun. The course starts with a meal at the beginning of each session, followed by a short presentation and then small group discussion. In the groups no question is too simple or too hostile to ask!

What's involved?

The Alpha course consists of 10 sessions looking at topics such as Who is Jesus? Why and how to pray? How to read the Bible? It runs on a termly basis - Wednesday evenings with one Saturday.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity, and also for new Christians and newcomers to the church.

What do people say about Alpha?

"What I enjoyed about Alpha was the feeling of belonging, being made so welcome, learning, making discoveries and the excellent food!" David "I found the whole course relevant; God spoke to my heart." Linda "I enjoyed meeting new people, making new friends and it was a great forum for all the questions I have." Bindi

What does it cost?

Alpha is free. However people are welcome to make a small contribution to the cost of the meal.

When and where will Alpha take place?

The course will be run during term time at our church centre.

How to Register? 
For further information and to sign up for the Alpha course, please call Christians in Action on 020 8684 1603 or e-mail us: info@christiansinactionuk.com


Weekly Schedule
Week 1:    23 January 2013  -  Is There More To Life Than This?

Week 2:    30 January 2013  -  Who is Jesus?


Week 3:    06 February 2013 -  Why Did Jesus Die?

Week 4:    13 February 2013 -  How Can We Have Faith?


Week 5:    20 February 2013 -  Why and How Do I Pray?

Week 6:    27 February 2013 -  Why and How Should I Read The Bible?

                                        & How Does God Guide Us?

Week 7:    06 March 2013  -  Who is the Holy Spirit?

Alpha Saturday: 09 March 2013 -  Talk 1: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
                                                              Talk 2: How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?
                                                              Talk 3: How Can I Overcome Temptation and Evil?

Week 8:    13 March 2013 -  Does God Heal Today?

Week 9:    20 March 2013  -  What About The Church?

Week 10:  27 March 2013 -  How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

                                                  & Why and How Should I Tell Others?